jeudi, novembre 30, 2006


dimanche, novembre 19, 2006

fin de semana

mardi, novembre 14, 2006

rétrospective 2

Being sick, I am not able to go picture-chasing outside. But, I still have my collection ... for your eyes only.
These images were taken in 1996 (I was 17) in a slot canyon close to Lake Powell in Arizona. They were (and still are) posted on my account and... they still look quite good!
I promise to bring back some newer stuff in the near future. Cheers !


rétrospective 1

Which proves, in my view, that unposted pictures have a reason not to be posted...

samedi, novembre 11, 2006


jeudi, novembre 09, 2006

Flemish window

mardi, novembre 07, 2006

le caillou

desktop water

jeudi, novembre 02, 2006


mercredi, novembre 01, 2006

autumn II